Elijah and Milo Peters – Double Act

Virtual Gay HD | Posted by redpixel
Jan 10 2015
Virtual gays dancing they are hot... but i really would just rather watch them sit around than make those faces and dance like that. =/ i give them a 7.5    

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Thomas Friedl – Tough Punk

Virtual Gay HD | Posted by Virtuaguy HD Guys
Dec 21 2014
Now that's a MAN! I'd have his dinner on the table hot and ready every night when he gets home. ;-) He will be my sweet and sexy dessert.

Jonathan Agassi and Christian Herzog – Greedy virtual boys

Virtual Gay HD | Posted by redpixel
Dec 01 2014
Virtual Gays This is by far the best, hottest card in my collection. Dancing is great, but sometimes virtual sex is fun too! There is room for both on this website! I love the hot chemistry between these too. Next, we need to get some hot fucking. Also, BRAVO fo getting more "butch" guys like Jonathan Agassi - the nice body and fur - makes a man a man! LOL - very hot, and the cumshot is great. PLEASE keep more like this coming to us. MORE SEX CARDS - fucking HOT!    

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Virtual Peter – Sexy and Fun

Virtual Gay HD | Posted by redpixel
Nov 11 2014
Hot virtual boy wow...definitely my favorite guy here. there needs to be more of him though. please make more so that i can watch gim strip some more XD. He is really hot dancing virtually on my desktop. I will buy more cards!      

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Peter – Clean hear Cut

Virtual Gay HD | Posted by redpixel
Oct 21 2014
Virtual gays My first virtual gay card I tried and I love it. Everything about him is awesome, sexy, especially of course that beautiful cock. I thought these shows included cum shots???? I wished. However it is worth it.    

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Virtual Gay Kerim – Lube

Virtual Gay HD | Posted by redpixel
Oct 01 2014
Sexy Gay One of my favorites and one of the most inventive, funny, and exciting cards of Virtual guy. That's not hardcore, but Kerim's spanner and oilcan may suggest so many things, and with humor ! Congratulations, Kerim !    

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Cameron – Virtual erotic league

Virtual Gay HD | Posted by Virtuaguy HD Guys
Sep 11 2014
This is one hot dude, amazing, incredible, dream-like, get him ! you won't regret it.  

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Dancing Virtual Gay

Virtual Gay HD | Posted by redpixel
Aug 22 2014


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Oracio – First class muscled body

Virtual Gay HD | Posted by redpixel
Aug 02 2014
Virtual hot stud He is the HOTTEST guy here.....OMFG!!! His muscled body, his smirk and his.....hmmmm well guess what else! WOW, I'm happy I found this site. Please find others like him or add more of him. I have his 3 cards. It is really amazing watchig him dancing on my desktop. It is sooooo horny and sexy!    

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Oracio – Big Virtual Stick

Virtual Gay HD | Posted by redpixel
Jul 13 2014
Big Virtual Stick very hot my fovorite he seem to make eye contact with you and his moves are great. I really like this virtual gay dancing on my desktop. I wish Virtual Gay had more like him.      

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